Storyboard Revisionist - 2D Graphic Novel Adaptation

Storyboard · Kilkenny , n/a
Department Storyboard
Employment Type Contract 40 hours per week
Minimum Experience Experienced

Lighthouse Studios is currently seeking 2 Storyboard Revisionists to work on a 2D Graphic Novel Adaptation airing to a global audience. As a Storyboard Revisionist you will join our international crew working in a fast paced and vibrant environment while based in the beautiful medieval city of Kilkenny. We look forward to working with you!

Reporting Line: Storyboard Supervisor

Summary: The Storyboard Revisionist will work alongside the Storyboard Supervisor to address all the notes on the storyboards, while make sure it aligns with technical standards, style and storytelling objectives. 

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Collaborate directly with Storyboard Supervisor and Storyboard Artists; 

  • Address notes from the Supervisor, Director and Production Partners; 

  • Clean-up and polish Storyboardwith attention to technical aspects, clarity and style; 

  • Tackle challenging story and structure problems and maximize entertainment value where needed; 

  • Adhere to the quality and style of the show and make sure it is consistently achieved in the drawing; 

  • Ensure storyboard aligns with the creative goals of the leadership team, deadlines, and storytelling objectives. 

Job Requirements:  

  • Strong drawing skills with a demonstrated clarity of storytelling staging, composition, and character acting

  • Must be able to follow direction and work efficiently under pressure; 

  • Must be well-versed in the art of storyboarding including knowledge of staging, composition as well as film language; 

  • Understanding of a 2D animation production pipeline; 

  • Strong attention to detail as well as organisational skills; 

  • Previous experience with Toon Boom Harmony is a plus;
  • Must be able to use Storyboard Pro.

    This list is not exhaustive and might be complemented by reasonable and related tasks that are requested of you.

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  • Location
    Kilkenny , n/a
  • Department
  • Employment Type
    Contract 40 hours per week
  • Minimum Experience